William and Sheila Robinson are a loving couple, childhood sweethearts who married young, and followed Sheila’s lifelong dream of opening and running a restaurant in their local community. Within 20 years, their restaurant has become a local hotspot and their love for each other is stronger than ever.

Gregory and Melanie Dobbs are a popular restaurant power couple: Gregory is an award-winning executive chef and Melanie is a talented restaurant manager. During the COVID-19 pandemic, both couples have had their lives turned upside down.

For the Robinsons, Sheila suddenly dies from a ruptured aneurysm, devastating William and causing him to lose interest in the restaurant and life.

For the Dobbs, they are both laid off from their high-paying jobs, which leads to them eventually running out of money and becoming homeless.

William becomes the target of Violet Winchester, a predatory salesperson who sees the restaurant as an opportunity for her franchise company to purchase the restaurant. Unbeknownst to William, she plans to fire all current employees.

Karen, William’s chef, and good friend knows of Violet’s plans and tries to let William know that Violet is up to no good. William, tired, sad and confused, is skeptical of Karen’s beliefs and is not sure of who or what to believe.

Within the homeless community the Dobbs find themselves in, they meet many people who are also in need of healing: Kitty, a teenage girl who came out to her family as a lesbian and was thrown out of her home, and David, a sales manager who became addicted to drugs. Pete is the leader of this homeless group and tries to help its members do what will help them get back on the path to getting off the streets.

On a day when Gregory acquired eight dollars from begging on the streets, he takes Melanie on a ‘date” at William’s restaurant, hoping that the money will be enough even an appetizer. William, who has seen them on the streets and even given them money, ushers them in with the plan to give them a full meal carte blanche.

To thank him for the meal, Gregory asks William if he could make him a meal. William agrees, and Gregory, feeling confident once again, prepares an amazing meal with Karen as his sous-chef. William is so happy with the meal that he asks Gregory and Melanie to return and become part of the restaurant staff, with Gregory becoming the new executive chef and Melanie the restaurant’s new manager.

In the final scenes, Violet’s scheme is exposed, and she is fired. William finally makes peace with all that has transpired and gives the restaurant to Gregory, Melanie, and Karen to own and manage. Kitty comes to work for the restaurant and is reunited with her family. Pete gets David to go the rehabilitation facility to finally get off the drugs, and William takes a much-needed vacation, happy to be a peace with himself.

Angela, Sheila Robinson, and William Robinson

Young Sheila Robinson and William Robinson

Greggory Dobbs and Melanie Dobbs