8 Bucks, an independent feature film, starring Roland “StewHype” Stewart, Nguyen Stanton, Cameron King, Cameron Denzel Coleman, Lorelei Supapo, Matthew Simmons, Victoria Jackson, Ann Taplin, Grace LaRocca, Theresa Mills, Joe Kent, Andrea Littlefield, Terri Renee, Mary Muro, Wendy Greiner Abel “The fateful meeting of a homeless couple and a restaurant

A sample clip from a scene in 8 Bucks. Coming April 3, 2022, to Belton TX. https://youtu.be/KjstfYHw-Ek Please like the 8 Bucks page https://www.facebook.com/8bucksfilm Join our 8 Bucks (feature film) group https://www.facebook.com/groups/8bucks And visit the dedicated web site https://www.8bucks.one/ Trailer music by Aleksandr Shamaluev AShamaluevMusic https://www.ashamaluevmusic.com/ Post Views: 1,458

See it on YouTube (stereo) | YouTube (5.1 surround sound) * | YouTube (90 second version) | Trailer #1 * YouTube in surround sound can only be heard on home theater systems and smart TVs that support 5.1 surround sound or Dolby Digital using the YouTube app. 8 Bucks (Trailer