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8 Bucks (Trailer 2)
“The fateful meeting of a homeless couple and a restaurant owner on the brink of failure results in an outcome none of them could have predicted.”
This story is based on true events.
#Team8Bucks #8Bucks

Antonio Lowry Edward
Serenity Alyanna Edward, MHs.M CHLC
Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford
Sophia L. Ellis

Executive Producers
Adrienne Santaliz
Antonio Lowry Edward
Don Vallee
Kisha CG
Roland “StewHype” Stewart
Serenity Alyanna Edward
Sophia L. Ellis
Lakisha Herrera
Luvina Sabree

Associate Producers
Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford
Dr. Kerry-Ann Zamore
Kisha CG

Director of Photography
Robert T. McDorman
R2+G2 Productions, LLC

Boom Operator
Joel McFarland
John P. Rachwitz

Set Audio Engineer
John P. Rachwitz

Roland “StewHype” Stewart
Anush Arumugam
Mark “Blackie” Blaquiere
Julie Bunnell
Cameron Denzel Coleman
Antonio Lowry Edward
Brian Elder
Kamia S. Esquerra
Cathey-Ann Fears
Myiesha Freeman
Ashley Gideon
Emma Rose Gill
Raylene Gill
Domonique Green
Brian Holder
Anwar Hyde
Ashante Hughes
Briahna Hughes
Victoria Jackson
Andrew John
Evangelist Colon Jones
Evangelist Tamara Jones
Jerry Juliano
Joe Kent
Cameron King
Grace LaRocca
Andrea Littlefield
Michele Matzen
Theresa Mills
Olympia Ogoke
MK Powell
Terri Renee
Eric Jon Simmons
Matthew Simmons
Whitney Smith
Nguyen Stanton
Lorelei Supapo
Ann Taplin
Paisley Thomas
Tyler Valentine
Don Vallee
Rory Vigne
Natasha White
JenaiTené Young
Lisa Young
Dr. Kerry-Ann Zamore

Dorine Opwora
Joy Opwora
Linda Opwora
Abby Ferree
Alissa Clemons
Kristalynn Wilkinson
James Wilkinson
Kahil Muro
Mary Muro
Travis Abel
Wendy Abel
Latonia Henderson
Kahil Muro
Mary Muro
Travis Abel
Wendy Abel
Travis Hawbecker
Alexis Hawbecker
Sonja Hawbecker
Ken Hawbecker
Okisha Jackson
Marc Carlson

KayLynn Genet
Unique Brown
Katina Linen
Ashley Turner
Paige Hubbard
Maisie Melton
Victoria Pierce
Julie Bunnell

Geechie’s Southern Style Restaurant, Killeen, TX
So Natural Catering, Harker Heights, TX
ENCLAVE, Killeen, TX
Dragon Lady’s LLC, Harker Heights, TX
R.A.I.N., Raymond and Kyle, via Airbnb, Harker Heights, TX
Studio 7, Harker Heights, TX
Space ATX, Austin, TX
City of Killeen, TX
City of Harker Heights, TX
Parks and Recreation, Harker Heights, TX
Armed Services YMCA Killeen, TX
Drury Inn & Suites Dallas Frisco, TX

Thanks to
Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce, Killeen TX
City of Killeen Arts Commission, TX
Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, TX

An incredibly special thanks to
Kisha CG
Michele Matzen & Don Vallee, Cast-a-Couple
Roland “StewHype” Stewart, StewHype Entertainment
Geechie’s Southern Style Restaurant, Killeen, TX
Luvina Sabree, Armed Forces Natural Hair & Health Expo, Killeen, TX
Rory Vigne, Executive Chef Consultant

Trailer music by Aleksandr Shamaluev

A production of
Shiz Media Studios
Evolve.Forward.Media Productions
Live Your Truth Holistic Life Coaching

In Association With
Melanin Behind the Lens Productions
KZamore Enterprises, LLC
R2+G2 Productions
StewHype Entertainment
Geechie’s Southern Style Restaurant, Killeen, TX
So Natural Catering, Harker Heights, TX

a film by Antonio & Serenity Edward
Created by Antonio Lowry Edward
Trailer edited by Antonio Lowry Edward

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
Blackmagic Ursa 4K

Davinci Resolve

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#Team8Bucks #8Bucks

8 Bucks
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