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Antonio and Serenity Edward were featured on 25 News KXXV (ABC affiliate in Waco, TX) on Thursday night, September 02, 2021, talking about the homeless scenes of “8 Bucks”. Thank you KXXV for interviewing us.

KILLEEN, Texas — “Not everybody’s there because they’re drug addicts, drunks, causing trouble or lazy. Some people are just down and out and don’t have a place to go,” said 8 Bucks Co-Director Antonio Edward.

Every person without a home has a story and that’s why Serenity and Antonio Edward are working with Central Texas actors to produce a raw and gripping short film (it is actually a feature film).


They believe that the film will shed light on the homeless community and show that they’re people with pride, hope and dreams.

The couple said they received a grant from the Killeen Art Commission to help fund the film. They plan to show the film in March of next year.

By: Jarell Baker
Posted: 7:49 AM, Sep 03, 2021

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